Nearly half of unemployed job seekers frustrated by lack of right job opportunities

There are millions of job openings across the country and millions of people are still unemployed. Job seekers are struggling to find work, and companies are struggling to fill positions. According to a new study by FlexJobs, nearly half of unemployed job seekers are frustrated by the lack of the right job opportunities.

FlexJobs surveyed more than 1,800 people currently out of work in June to learn more about their situations.   FlexJobs’ Summer 2021 Unemployment Survey found:

48% of unemployed job seekers are frustrated because they are not finding the right jobs to apply to

47% are actively looking outside their current career to find employment

40% have applied to jobs they think they’re overqualified for

85% are willing to take a pay cut to secure a job

“Obviously this is a very unusual time in the job market, and unfortunately, it’s difficult to project when it will stabilize,” said Sara Sutton, CEO & Founder of FlexJobs. “Despite the uncertainty, however, the key strategies and tactics to successful job searching do remain the same. I definitely encourage job seekers right now to stay focused on what they can control, such as networking, submitting tailored job application materials, using high-quality job search services, and staying positive in the process,” Ms. Sutton concludes.

According to the survey:

69% of those currently unemployed are out of work as a direct result of the pandemic

69% are very actively and consistently job searching; 25% are job searching to some degree

42% have been out of work for more than a year

One-third have used a paid job search service, and 57% have used a free job search service to assist them in their current job search

On average, about two-thirds of job seekers always, or most of the time, include cover letters, tailor their resumes, and follow up on their job applications

While 72% have collected unemployment benefits and/or at least one stimulus relief payment, only 13% have postponed job searching because they received these benefits

Despite the seriousness of their job search efforts, as indicated above:

Nearly half (48%) are frustrated in their job search because they’re not finding the right jobs to apply to

46% say jobs are too low paying

42% say employers are unresponsive

41% say they do not see enough jobs in their preferred profession

15% say they haven’t applied to any job opportunities in the last month because they haven’t found any good opportunities worth pursuing

34% haven’t secured any job interviews

Given this context, job seekers have broadened their parameters to try and find work:

42% of unemployed job seekers say they are open to working in any kind of workplace—in-office, remote, and/or hybrid

47% are actively looking outside their current career to find employment, and 35% have considered looking outside their career

The vast majority (85%) are willing to take a pay cut in order to secure a job; 37% would take a modest pay cut, and 13% are even willing to take a serious pay cut (more than 20% pay cut)

36% have applied to jobs they think they’re overqualified for, and 56% have considered applying to jobs they think they’re overqualified for

53% of people currently unemployed say their mental health is worse today than it was before the pandemic

*FlexJobs created the survey, which was promoted to general audiences and its subscribers/members primarily through social media and newsletters. FlexJobs used a multiple choice and multi-select question format via Survey Monkey’s online platform. The survey ran from June 8, 2021 to June 28, 2021.

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