Kirkwood, TrueNorth give workers better understanding of truck driving as a career

Kirkwood Community College has collaborated with TrueNorth, a Cedar Rapids-based insurance and financial company, on a unique training designed to give TrueNorth employees a better understanding of what it takes to be a truck driver.

According to a news release, the event, called “Day in the Life of a Driver”, is scheduled for this Thursday, July 14, at the Kirkwood Continuing Education Training Center near the college’s main campus in Cedar Rapids.

Designed for TrueNorth employees who work with the transportation industry, the training gives attendees an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the businesses they work with on a daily basis.

According to the release, the hands-on approach allows employees to get in the driver’s seat and see the world from a truck driver’s perspective. The goal is to foster innovative thinking to better serve clients in the fast-paced, heavily-regulated sector.

According to TrueNorth Senior Vice President of Transportation Jacob Pipkin, the learning experience is second-to-none.

“Through Day in the Life of a Driver, Kirkwood offers our colleagues a chance to get behind the wheel and connect with the risks and challenges drivers face every day,” said Mr. Pipkin, in the release. “That perspective is invaluable because it allows us to be more resourceful for our clients as we collaborate on solutions that will protect and maximize their business.”

To Kirkwood Continuing Education and Training Services Executive Director Amy Lasack, the collaboration was a natural fit for the two community partners.

“The Day in the Life of a Driver training is a prime example of Kirkwood doing what it does best,” said Ms. Lasack. “We pride ourselves on doing whatever we can to help businesses in our community get their employees the education and training they need to succeed. In this case, our Truck Driving program was tailor-made to help show TrueNorth’s staff the intricacies of such a crucial industry. I think that if more people know about how everything works together, we’re one step closer to addressing the issues of the supply chain. Kirkwood is very excited to partner with TrueNorth to help make that happen.”

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