Global staffing firm Aquent acquires Iowa City-based Workgroups DaVinci

Aquent, a workforce solutions company in Boston, announced Friday the acquisition of Workgroups DaVinci, a workflow and project management solutions firm in Iowa City.

Workgroups DaVinci will join RoboHead, a leading project management solution for in-house marketing and creative under Aquent’s Software-as-a-Service division.

“With more than 30 years of experience working with marketing and creative professionals, we drive innovation within the project management solutions space and know exactly what in-house creative teams need, without the guesswork,” said John H. Chuang, CEO of Aquent, in a release. “Aquent’s acquisition of Workgroups DaVinci is another step toward establishing industry leadership and empowering our customers with personalized cloud-based technology to efficiently execute their creative visions.”

RoboHead is a work management tool for marketers and creatives that offers project request and review tools, workload insights and KPI visibility in a cloud-based application. This division of Aquent is responsible for the creation of the RoboHead 10000, a tool that measures the real-time productivity of marketing departments across industries, geographies and company sizes, according to a press release. Workgroups DaVinci clients will migrate to the RoboHead 10000 database.

“The Workgroups DaVinci team will be a welcome and robust addition to our team of creative and project management software experts,” said Daniel Perez, president of RoboHead. “Their invaluable experience will support our mission of maximizing productivity and quantifying the value of our clients’ creative deliverable process.”

In addition to the Aquent Staffing brand and RoboHead, Aquent LLC has several other business units including Vitamin T, Aquent Studios, Aquent Scout, Aquent Gymnasium.