Covenant Family Solutions expanding to Davenport

Covenant Family Solutions (CFS), a behavioral healthcare provider based in Cedar Rapids, announced the opening of a new mental health clinic in Davenport at 5403 Victoria Avenue Feb. 20.

According to a press release, data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reveals that Iowa ranks near the bottom in the nation in the ratio of mental health providers to residents. There are less than two mental health providers available to serve every 1,000 people in the state. Unsurprisingly, people may wait up to three months to be seen by a mental health provider given the extreme shortage. The opening of the CFS Davenport Clinic looks to address the shortage, enabling people to receive timely care.

“Upon seeing that the Quad Cities is significantly underserved in terms of access to mental health services, CFS made the decision to open a clinic in the community to help overcome the shortage,” said Anna Patty, director of communications and talent acquisition.

The Covenant Family Solutions Davenport Clinic team will include licensed mental health therapists who are experienced in providing care to individuals of all ages, families, and couples. The team will also include a nurse practitioner specialized in mental health who is able to prescribe and manage psychiatric medications for kids, teens, and adults.

“The need for mental health providers is nothing like ever before in our lifetime,” said CEO Dr. Jacob Christenson in a statement. “One look at news headlines provides a sobering confirmation of this reality. We look forward to supporting the mental health needs of Quad Cities community members for years to come.”

The new clinic will begin seeing clients on March 1 and offers immediate openings.

In August 2021, CFS expanded its medication management services to Cedar Falls in response to prescriber shortages and increased need.