Celebrating our Fastest

CBJ Editorial

The Corridor Business Journal was again privileged to host the annual Fastest Growing Companies awards event last week. The companies recognized are the “gazelles” that are creating the jobs and the wealth that economic development and public officials covet.

These companies and their leaders are making success happen through grit and determination, and oftentimes with a lack of appreciation.

That’s why these awards are so important. They are essentially a big regional thank you to these entrepreneurs and their hardworking employees.

Solar segment

Three of the top 25 companies, including two in the top five, are significantly involved with solar power array installation, including SiteGen Solar, Moxie and Rabe Hardware.

As we think about how we can help these fast-growing companies continue to expand, we note that legislation which failed in the last session of the Iowa General Assembly would have burdened Iowa’s solar power industry severely by imposing additional costs on solar array installations.

It appears that this bill, which is supported by the state’s largest electric utilities, will most likely be brought up again next session. Let’s keep this bad legislation from becoming law and stifling this burgeoning industry.

Congratulations to Kaveh

We were excited to present Kaveh Mostafavi with the Thomas L. Cardella Entrepreneur of the Year award at the awards banquet last week. Mr. Mostafavi is one of our Corridor’s growing group of socially responsible entrepreneurs who is not only creating a thriving business model with Ecocare Supply, but supporting our Corridor businesses in their desire to reduce their impact on the environment.

Ecocare Supply is a wholesale distributor of price-conscious and sustainable janitorial, sanitary, restaurant, office supplies that save money by cutting waste.

Hiawatha’s success

The city of Hiawatha continues to shine in the number of fast-growing companies it has within its city limits. It had five of the top 25 companies, which is remarkable considering its small size.

Solid representation by growing companies in a community is one indicator of how they are performing in the important area of attracting and building entrepreneurial companies. If a community isn’t represented well on this list, then they should be asking why.

Record-breaking growth

Special attention goes to the Fastest Growing Company, BLX, which tops TLC Associates’ record for being the Fastest of the Fast. BLX saw 1,263.7 percent revenue growth compared to TLC’s 919 percent in 2010. This is a mind-blowing accomplishment.

Also, special mention goes to MediRevv’s for its seventh consecutive year on the list, setting a new Fastest Growing Companies record for most consecutive years and Clickstop, which has appeared on the list nine times making it the most featured company. •