Best Business Insurance: TrueNorth Companies



Attracting high-performing talent and developing a self-perpetuating, entrepreneurial culture have helped TrueNorth Companies win the Best Business Insurance category for another year. The two elements “help them get better and focus on the needs of their clients, and re-ally stay close to those clients and understand how to help them protect and maximize their resources, assets and opportunities,” said longtime CEO Duane Smith, also the winner of this year’s Best Business Leader.

Since its founding in 2001, TrueNorth has grown its sales more than six-fold and acquired a long string of insurance agencies, including recent additions in Pella, Ames, Mason City and Denver, Colorado. Based in Cedar Rapids, TrueNorth has a large risk management practice in addition to selling insurance, and continues to add new insurance lines – a “function of listening to clients,” Mr. Smith said.

– Dave DeWitte

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