Amana Farms joins Cargill RegenConnect program

Amana Farms is enrolling 3,300 acres of their 2022-23 crop fields into Cargill RegenConnect – a voluntary market-based regenerative agriculture program that accesses the carbon marketplace.

The program offers one-crop-year contracts to sequester carbon through new or expanded regenerative agricultural practices, according to a press release. Cargill expanded the program to Iowa in May and it is now active in 15 states.

“Amana Farms has been involved in cover crops and reduced tillage practices for years,” said Manager John McGrath in a statement. “It’s a way to leave our land, waters and climate in better shape for future generations. Cargill RegenConnect provides us the resources and market access we need to monetize carbon credits.”

For its 2023 crop acres, Amana Farms purchased a strip-till machine that will mainly reduce tillage acres in corn.

Amana Farms has grown crops and livestock since 1855. Methane gas produced by cattle manure produces renewable electricity, which powers the Amana Colonies and reduces carbon emissions, according to the release.

The inclusion of the Amana Farms in the Cargill RegenConnect program contributes to Cargill’s overall goal of having 10 million acres enrolled in sustainable and regenerative farm programs by 2030. Farmers interested in enrolling their fields for the 2022-23 crop season can do so until Sept. 16.