ACT expands online test offerings

Starting with a pilot group of 5,000 testers in December, ACT will begin to offer its test online on national test dates, the company recently announced.

Registration for the first ACT online national test will begin in July, according to a press release.

“We’ve been offering the test online for state and district testers since 2016, and for test takers internationally since 2018,” said CEO Janet Godwin in a statement. “We recognize the growing demand for flexible testing options, not only for today’s students but for those who support them. We want to give students greater autonomy over their testing experience…”

Capacity is expected to be expanded in 2024 to include more test centers. The ACT test itself, and its accompanying fees, will not be changing.

The shift to an online focus allows ACT to provide support for screen reader users, text-to-speech functionality, zoom and answer masking, a necessary addition for “equal access” offerings, she explained.

“The online option is an important step toward expanding equitable and inclusive testing experiences for all students,” said Ms. Godwin.

In May, ACT announced the company was laying off 106 employees, 40 of which are located in the Iowa City area, and Ms. Godwin said ACT would begin to transition to a “technology model” to better meet needs of stakeholders today.

It also appears the ACT campus building at 2100 ACT Circle is for sale, the latest example of the edtech company downsizing from its Iowa City campus.