# 3 Large Company: University of Iowa Foundation

University of Iowa Foundation
No. 3 Large Company
1 W. Park Road, Iowa City

The nature of what the employees do at the University of Iowa Foundation makes it a rewarding place to work.

“The UI Foundation’s culture is professional and high-energy, with all of the benefits of being part of a world-class university. Our proximity to campus makes it easy to experience the cultural offerings and intellectual discourse that is part of the university’s culture,” stated Tiffani Shaw, executive vice president and COO of the UI Foundation, in an email interview.

The foundation offers its 200 employees extra benefits such as on-site yoga and strength training, massages and a flexible work schedule.

“Employees come to the University of Iowa Foundation and stay here because of the meaningful work we do. We believe in our mission, to advance the University of Iowa, and we are honored to work with our donors who help us fulfill this mission by funding a broad array of needs,” Ms. Shaw stated.

Employees listed other fun activities, such as early release days before holidays or when reaching milestones, lunch tailgates before home football games, bagel Fridays, Casual for a Cause days and birthday celebrations within departments.

“Engage your workforce to ask for their ideas and really listen to find out what motivates them, what makes them happy, and what makes them productive, and provide the flexibility that helps them find a balance between work and life demands,” Ms. Shaw stated.

The university’s contributors fund a broad array of needs, from student scholarships, breakthrough research and life-changing health care to innovative facilities, community outreach and global education.

“Given our close affiliation with the University of Iowa we have the opportunity to meet alumni across the country and participate in many fascinating campus events. I feel like we have a backstage pass to see an amazing university in action. Raising money to benefit the university and those it serves really changes people’s lives,” stated one employee in their survey response.

The foundation is in the midst of a $1.7 billion fundraising campaign. It has already raised $1.025 billion in private funding and expects to meet its goal by December 2016.
-Pat Shaver