# 4 Large Company: MediRevv

No. 4 Large Company
2600 University Parkway, Coralville

MediRevv is a growing company, and in that growth it continues to find ways to support employees.

MediRevv is a healthcare revenue cycle management company that specializes in helping hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and physician groups improve their cash flow and grow their revenue. Employees focus on four key areas: patient satisfaction, productivity, quality and key performance indicator reporting.

“Our MediRevvers are compassionate toward others. We provide this through our service offerings professionally but there are also countless examples of MediRevvers providing for coworkers and being engaged in the needs of the community,” stated Brad Baldwin, vice president of operations and client services, in an email.

MediRevv was founded in 2007 and has rapidly grown since then.

“Being a ‘MediRevver’ is empowering. We all share in our failures and our successes to grow as a team to become the best in our business. And we have a hell of a good time along the way,” one employee stated in a survey.

Mr. Baldwin described the culture at MediRevv as authentic, compassionate and transparent.

“Be deliberate. Don’t let your company culture be an accident,” he said.

Last September, the company moved into a larger building at 2600 University Parkway in Coralville, allowing MediRevv to grow. The company employs 135 people, an increase of 50 from last year.

“(We see) continued growth and exciting opportunities for our MediRevvers, and greater contribution to our local economy. We are hiring and expect to add 25 jobs in the next 60 days,” Mr. Baldwin stated.

The company continues to be recognized nationally and within the industry. It serves clients such as the Texas Children’s Physician Services Organization, Baylor College of Medicine and University of Iowa Community Medical Services.

“We have MediRevv Perks, we have fun parties and get togethers, FAW (Fridays After Work). We do fundraisers for organizations that we have a staff choose to support. We just got a volunteer hours program; that is pretty cool,” another employee said.
-Pat Shaver