#2 Large Company: LimoLink

No. 2 Large Company
701 Tama St., Marion

It’s a family atmosphere at LimoLink.

LimoLink was founded in 1998 to provide high-quality service to high-level travelers. The company chauffeurs C-level passengers to and from airports, meetings and across the country and worldwide.

LimoLink makes travel arrangements for customers globally, all through its Marion call center.

“We’re not just coming to work to do the job, you get to know the people you work with and what their passions are,” said Katy Thomas, human resources representative at LimoLink.

An annual golf outing, Cedar Rapids Kernels days, casual days, employee awards events, educational travel opportunities, courtyard parties and employee lunches are among the perks to working at LimoLink.

“I think it obviously has to do with the people and the staff. It also has to do with the company, LimoLink, and what we do. The type of service we provide is very unique to the Corridor,” Ms. Thomas said.

LimoLink is hiring, Ms. Thomas noted. Openings can be found at www.limolink.com.

“It’s so funny, culture is hard to define because it’s something you have to feel,” Ms. Thomas said. “It’s a friendly environment. We work hard but we also like to play hard.”

The company has 150 employees.

“Listen to the people and the staff and get them involved. That’s a huge part of having a good culture,” Ms. Thomas said.

Employees cite the company’s encouragement in philanthropic participation and community events benefiting the American Heart Association, Camp Courageous, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Habitat for Humanity, among others.

“LimoLink takes excellent care of us and management is always open to suggestions. They are constantly looking for new ideas to make this a better place to work, which is rare in corporate America,” an employee stated in a survey.

The tone of the environment is set by CEO Bill Barnes and others on the leadership team, Ms. Thomas said.

“The culture at LimoLink is outstanding and I have never been affiliated with anything else quite like it. The atmosphere is positive and the individuals I work with are incredible. My supervisors recognize my accomplishments and encourage me to grow,” another employee stated.

-Pat Shaver