#15: Clickstop

85.1% growth

City: Urbana

Founded: 2005


5th time on the list


This is the fifth time Urbana-based Clickstop has earned a spot on the Fastest Growing Companies list. That’s more times than any other company on this year’s list.

Last year, it came in third with 199 percent growth; in 2011 it was fourth with 180 percent growth. In 2010, it was fifth on the list with 126 percent growth and in 2009 it debuted on the list at No. 4, with 196 percent growth.

“There are several things that contribute to our growth, but the main one is the people that work here and the culture that we have created,” Tim Guenther, Clickstop’s president and CEO, stated in an email. “We’re hiring people that want to work in this environment where things like respect, enthusiasm, learning, mentoring, helping others and communication matter most.”

E-commerce is growing quickly, Mr. Guenther added.

“This pace has allowed our US Cargo Control brand to grow at a rapid pace and it is now in a position to enter other channels outside of e-commerce,” he stated. “The brand has proven itself online, but is now proving to be a factor in its industry outside of the web, as well.”

Clickstop web properties serve diverse markets that include the moving and cargo control industry, energy efficient insulation products, home organizing solutions and personal fashion and styling. US Cargo Control was the company’s first brand in 2005, selling moving and cargo products.

-Gigi Wood