#14: Cedar Ridge Vineyards

86.5% growth

City: Swisher

Founded: 2005


1st time on the list


Growing one grape, one bottle and one social event at a time, Cedar Ridge Vineyards has become a staple of the Corridor’s nightlife.

Since opening in 2003, Cedar Ridge has always strived for quality. The vineyards were forced to relocate after the flood of 2008, but they were quickly back on their feet and have grown upwards of 86 percent this year, making them one of the Corridor’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Offering a location for social events, Cedar Ridge offers a full-service kitchen and an event center capable of accommodating as many as 200 guests for any occasion, ranging from business meetings to wedding ceremonies and receptions.

“We specialize in making small-batch, hand-craft wine and spirits,” said Jamie Siefken, Cedar Ridge’s general manager. “We also provide a place in the Corridor for adult interaction and relationship building.”

Cedar Ridge’s bourbon has been awarded a back-to-back “91-points exceptional” ratings by the nation’s Beverage Testing Institute.

Owner Jeff Quint attributes the vineyard’s recent steady growth to several factors, including the positive reception of their bourbon line.

“Our bourbon is one of the highest rated bourbons in the U.S.,” Mr. Quint said. “Bourbon whiskey is made from corn, as the biggest corn-producing state in the country, Iowa seems like a natural place for bourbon production.”

Mr. Siefken also attributes some of the recent prosperity to the vineyard’s Swisher location.

“Any time you can add a face and location to your venue with increased services like the tours we provide, and such, it allows for growth,” he said. “When you have a high-quality product as well as excellent goods and services, people are always going to come back.”

Cedar Ridge has also begun exporting bourbon and other spirits out of state, increasing sales.

“I don’t know that we’ll budget for this much growth each year,” Mr. Siefken said. “But we’re certainly a staple in the Corridor as far as a place where adults build relationships and for adult relaxation. We’re a great venue in the Corridor for that.”

– Conrad Swanson