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Video conferencing solutions to streamline workplace communication

Because the face of the marketplace is changing, so are the landscapes people conduct their business. Arguably, employees can work mobile or remotely from nearly anywhere. Corporate headquarters. The branch office. Home. Starbucks. You get the picture. Speaking of pictures, video conferencing is an easy, streamlined way of connecting people to each other no matter where they call office.

Put simply, video conferencing allows workers to connect more in real-time and spend less time behind the windshield. Here’s a look at integrated video conferencing rooms and options to make your organization more productive.


Telepresence room technology enables groups to meet and collaborate in multiple locations in real time. It goes beyond the Internet connection to combine high-definition video and real-time audio to make it feel as though you’re meeting in the same room.

So, why is it worth the investment?

  • Make a call by pushing a button. You don’t want to have people placing an IT ticket every time they want to make a video call. It has to be as easy as pushing a button, and integrated video conferencing equipment makes that happen.
  • Communicate many to many. Instead of one-to-one or one-to-many, integrated video conferencing rooms are designed for video calls from a room of people to another room of people. Video conferencing is useful for sales meetings, company-wide meetings and collaborations between your own internal branch locations and other businesses.
  • Share documents as if you’re in the same room. Share presentations and handouts without losing visuals of the people participating in the meeting. Participants can pass content back and forth as if they were in the same room.
  • Increase security and quality. Integrated video conferencing equipment ensures that the calls are encrypted so the information passed back and forth through audio or video is protected. The quality of service also is better because organizations use their own dedicated lines instead of relying on limited bandwidth by the video-calling provider.

Video conferencing equipment delivers high definition conferences to the big screen. This can include the infrastructure in your data center to run and manage the video or the equipment in the conference room or offices where meetings take place.

Some elements that accompany this are:

  • Encrypted video traffic
  • Recording capabilities of video, audio and content presented within
  • Best compatibility for conference room-based videos

Unified Communications is an integrated suite of tools that puts all your communication apps in one central place. Video conferencing is just one of the easy-to-use features of the suite that also includes instant messaging, audio, Voiceover IP and web conferencing. Items for consideration under this option are:

  • Visibility of who’s online or unavailable within organization
  • Facilitate exclusively on desktop communication as a service
  • Accommodates video calls in conjunction with audio-only calls
  • Hardware requirements limited to microphone and high-quality camera
  • Incorporated maintenance costs built into annual licensing


With most business technology products and services, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that meets universal needs. On-premise video conferencing and unified communications can be merged to create the ultimate solution for your unique business needs.

Daniel Olk is the Audio Visual General Manager at Marco. Marco specializes in Audio Visual, Physical Security, business IT services, managed services, cloud services and copiers/printers. Its technology experts break down complex solutions into simple terms to position your business for success. You can learn more at

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