UI Health Care ranks second in most trusted healthcare brands

A report from brand experience agency Moingle has ranked University of Iowa Health Care second nationally on its most trusted healthcare brands list.

Emory Healthcare ranked first on the list, while UI Health Care fared better than prestigious brands such as Northwestern Medicine, Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

“There are brands out there— both big and small—that are effectively crafting more trusted relationships with consumer audiences,” explained the report. “And while they represent the highest levels of consumer trust in our industry, each offers opportunities to further improve performance on this attribute.”

UI Health Care also ranked third in the Humanizing Brand Experience rankings, only behind Valley Health System and OhioHealth. Again, UI Health Care scored higher than Johns Hopkins Medicine, Northwestern Medicine and UR Medicine.

The Iowa health system was named a top five entrant for 2023, alongside UR Medicine, Baptist Health and several Florida-based healthcare networks.

The report found that Iowa is a leading state in the number of “doctor dodgers”. They are described as “blue-collar individuals that tend to avoid the doctor not because they’re apathetic about their health, but because the process of healthcare is so stressful, costly and time-consuming.”

Only Virginia and the city of South Bend, Indiana has a higher percentage of doctor dodgers, according to the list that combines both cities and states.