Two Corridor centers launch national suicide prevention lifeline

CommUnity Crisis Services and Foundation2 are implementing a national suicide prevention lifeline starting July 16.

Individuals who seek immediate emotional support will be able to call the number 988 to be connected to emergency services. 

“Through phone, chat and text services we are able to provide needed support during the initial contact 80%  of the time,” said Sarah Nelson, CEO of CommUnity Crisis Services, in a statement. “This provides the community with the right level of intervention, avoiding more intensive services. As such, we are able to both support our neighbors, and provide cost savings to the community as a whole.”

Callers will be directed to CommUnity Crisis Services in Iowa City or Foundation2 in Cedar Rapids.

If the crisis situation cannot be handled by the counselor over phone, chat, or text, the counselor can connect the individual in crisis to local resources, such as CommUnity’s Mobile Crisis Response, which dispatches crisis counselors to respond in-person in Johnson and Iowa Counties.

The nonprofit believes the easy-to-remember number will save lives and divert calls from other emergency services because individuals are more likely to reach out to the lowest barrier resources.