Tom’s New Best Friend: Angie Jordan– Banjo Knits Empowerment

If you’ve been in the Corridor business community for even a short time, you already know Tom Cilek. He’s a senior vice president at a bank, a former lawyer and one of the Corridor’s most connected business leaders. He loves making new friends, and making things happen in Eastern Iowa.

We’ve decided to capture Tom’s inside conversations with the region’s leading business minds in a monthly podcast, “Tom Cilek’s New Best Friend,” presented by (his employer) West Bank.

Tom Cileks new best friend is Angie Jordan, Founder and CEO of Banjo Knits Empowerment, LLC.

Tom talks to Angie about her work in Iowa City’s South District Neighborhood Association,  including forming a SSMID (Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District) for the area and overseeing the popular Diversity Market that boasts over 60 vendors. The duo also explores Angie’s story, what motivates her, and how she’s trying to change the narrative in her own way.

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