Seeing the benefits: Why employers should offer vision insurance

Healthy vision is an important part of overall health and living an active life. Without clear sight, daily routines like watching television, reading, driving, and cooking can all become challenges. However, being unable to see can impact more than just daily functions, it can also impact how a person feels. Those with untreated vision issues are more likely to have increased headaches, eye pain, and eyestrain.

How common are vision concerns? According to the Vision Council, 197.6 million (75.6%) Americans adults need some form of vision correction. 

Retain talent with vision benefits

Including vision insurance in your employee benefits package is a differentiator for employers and something job seekers look for in a new job. According to Forbes Advisor, 40% of employers say employees left their jobs for better employee benefits. 

Retaining and recruiting talent in a competitive market is a challenge for many employers. Consider offering benefits like vision insurance to separate your company from others. Experience has shown that a comprehensive benefits package may carry more weight for employees than salary in some circumstances.

Vision insurance leads to cost savings

Beyond the perceived value employees give vision benefits, it’s true that employers also stand to benefit from offering vision insurance. By providing supplemental vision benefits, companies can save money annually per employee because healthy eyes lead to greater productivity among workers.

With digital eye strain at an all-time high, making employer vision coverage available is essential to maintaining a healthy workforce. Employees with uncorrected vision issues are more likely to experience headaches, absenteeism, and reduced productivity, while also facing an increased likelihood of errors. All of these impacts result in lost dollars.

Computers Screens Impact Vision

Most jobs today, more than 80%, include computer-heavy work and long hours in front of a screen. If your employees spend most of the day looking at computer screens, they could be at risk for eye damage from increased blue light exposure leading to headaches, eye strain, and poor sleep habits. 

Here are a few ways employers can help employees protect their eyes throughout the day:

  • Distribute blue light-blocking glasses to protect eyes when using screens.
  • Promote taking regular breaks throughout the day away from screens.
  • Educate on the 20-20-20 Rule – take a break every 20 minutes for 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away.

Encourage employees to care for their eyes by taking advantage of routine vision screenings included in benefits and visiting an eye doctor if vision concerns arise. Employees regularly seeking vision care can reduce overall health risks, save money, and improve confidence.

Maintain a Healthy Workplace

Vision coverage options are the first step to maintaining a healthy workforce. Keeping vision health top-of-mind is important, as it impacts daily living, quality of life and productivity at work. Help your employees maintain good eye health by providing vision insurance options for peace of mind.

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