No. 6 Medium Company: Circle Computer Resources

Circle Computer Resources
No. 6 Medium Company
2919 First Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids

Circle Computer Resources provides business-focused IT infrastructure services that improve operations and manage risk for companies.

There are many reasons why the company is a cool place to work, according to Monica Kelly, the company’s spokesperson.

“Having a kitchen manager on staff and a buffet-style lunch every day is awesome,” she stated in an email. “But the biggest contributor to us being one of the Coolest Places to Work is how advanced we are in technology. I mean, we’re developing services for industries that aren’t even fully formed yet.”

The second-screen TV industry is one example, she stated.

“The Smart TVs and second-screen TV industries are about 90 percent reliant on us for their success,” Ms. Kelly stated. “What could be more fun than developing the next big thing? It’s pretty cool to know you work for a company that’s developed something that even the most advance technology companies (like Samsung) haven’t been able to master. We’re on the edge of the cutting edge. Our employees can look around at events like the national CES show in Las Vegas and see products developed that depend on us.”

Within the past year, the company has hired one to two people monthly and Ms. Kelly recommends applying to Circle Computer Resources even if positions are not being advertised.

“We’re all about finding the right fit, so even if we don’t have a job posted, I’d recommend applying,” she stated.

Circle Computer is one of few Coolest companies that was also recognized last month as one of the Corridor’s Fastest Growing Companies. There is a correlation, Ms. Kelly said.

“It’s really exciting to be a part of something that can impact the entire world and the uniqueness of our services help us grow,” she stated. “Because we’ve basically guaranteed our growth by creating services that no one else on the globe provides, we can do things like dedicate members of our staff to improving people’s work environment and employee engagement.

We’re doing well enough that we can host events for our employees and pay out profit sharing to everyone. Employees are free to do what they do best without being micromanaged by supervisors, and they’re recognized and celebrated when they meet performance goals. It’s a circle that just fuels itself in a very positive way.”
-Gigi Wood