# 5 Medium Company: Innovative Software Engineering

Innovative Software Engineering
No. 5 Medium Company
2658 Crosspark Road, Coralville

Innovative Software Engineering (ISE) provides custom software solutions across a range of industries including education, agriculture, telematics, transportation and health care. ISE is headquartered in Coralville and led by its president and CEO, Hass Machlab.

ISE was also named one of 2013’s Fastest Growing Companies for the second year in a row and is looking for software engineers.

“In the case of ISE, our ability to grow is dependent on our ability to attract and retain top talent in the software engineering space,” Kirsten Wennerstrom, ISE’s human resources director stated in an email. “Having a culture that is fun and collaborative and work that is highly challenging, promotes the continuous growth and development of our people and we believe makes ISE a cool place to work, which in turn enables the growth and development of the business itself.”

Workers’ voices are heard, she stated.

“At ISE, employees can feel and see the impact that they’re having almost immediately,” Ms. Wennerstrom stated. “Everyone has an equal voice at ISE and everyone is heard.”

Flexible schedules, free meals and ISE’s ping pong table are other perks, an employee wrote in a survey.

“Core working hours are 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and are very flexible with needing time off for appointments or something that comes up. ISE monthly company meetings we have lunch catered. Then quarterly, we all go somewhere for lunch. ISE has a “techie room” where you can schedule your time to develop with or use current technology devices. ISE has a ping pong table and are encouraged to use it.”

Another said Mr. Machlab makes it a cool place to work.

“Our leader is truly one of the kindest leaders I have worked for. He has been able to find the perfect balance between challenging us to perform and achieve excellence, all the while caring about us as individuals. He firmly believes in work lift balance and has made is clear that family comes first. Our leaders are the type of leaders you want to do your best for, because they truly care about all employees. We are a “flat” organization. Everyone is truly created equally and everyone has a voice to help guide this organization.”
-Gigi Wood