No. 4 Medium Company: DiffStrat Companies

DiffStrat, the Cedar Rapids based-group that is a leader in philanthropic research, breakthrough thinking about philanthropy and development training, has been named as one of the Corridor Business Journal’s Coolest Places to work for 2014.

Through its three divisions – Advancement Resources, Mindseye Project Partners and The Academy for Breakthrough Performance – DiffStrat has made a mission of helping create philanthropic programs around the world. Through curriculum, workshops and a wealth of resources, the company promotes giving in any organization.

This level of giving inspires employees on a daily basis.

“Our mission is to help organizations increase philanthropy to solve some of society’s toughest problems. It makes everything I do much more meaningful. I know that the work we do makes the world a better place. But even better than that, we do it with people who really care about us as individuals. They encourage us to be the best we can be,” an employee stated in the nomination form.

The job perks – including paid cruise to Mexico – are pretty rewarding as well.

“This company is run by a couple, so the atmosphere is very family-oriented. In an effort to give back to our team for a hard years work, the owners of our company paid for everyone (and their spouse) to go on a three -day cruise to Mexico (they also paid roundtrip airfare from Iowa to California). This company outing brought many people closer together, and especially myself since I had only been at the company for six-months at the time,” and employee stated.

“Flexibility, personal and professional growth opportunities, a team environment like no other, company-paid massages, social activities to celebrate success (i.e. company Carnival cruise), company-sponsored luncheons, etc.,” another employee stated.

The family-like atmosphere and transparency from the leadership also make it a joy to come to work.

“The company is like a family. Everyone shares in the common vision, works to achieve it, and is empowered to achieve their part of it. Leadership is incredibly transparent about the status of the company. And, everyone is given the opportunity to grow in directions they desire.”

Jeff Holmes