MediRevv announces partnership with California-based company

MediRevv, a national revenue cycle management company based in Coralville, and St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare (Heritage), a statewide physician practice management organization based in Anaheim, California, announce a new partnership.

Under this strategic relationship, Heritage will benefit from a new non-clinical revenue stream from MediRevv. The partnership will allow Heritage and Providence St. Joseph Health to shape best practices for revenue cycle services, while Iowa-based MediRevv expands its presence on the West Coast.

“This partnership allows us to enhance our business office performance, and it aligns perfectly with our intent to both support and grow our medical groups within current markets and nationally,” Kevin Manemann, CEO of Heritage, stated in a press release. “We have found both a business fit and a cultural fit in MediRevv that positions us for positive patient, employee and revenue cycle outcomes.”

For MediRevv, the partnership expands the current business model to encompass all revenue cycle functions of Heritage. MediRevv’s agility and responsiveness to regulatory pressures as well as patient needs will bring enhanced revenue cycle performance and expansive growth opportunities to the new engagement.

“This partnership is the result of a healthy, five-year relationship, as well as the excellent revenue cycle performance by Heritage,” Chris Klitgaard, CEO of MediRevv, stated in a press release. “Together, we will be more nimble in the market and increasingly adept at meeting patient needs.”

As payment models shift, adaptability is key to ensuring competitiveness and responsiveness to imminent regulatory changes such as MACRA and other alternative payment structures. This partnership allows MediRevv and Heritage to focus on best practice revenue cycle performance and creating positive patient financial experiences.