IEDA approves grant for Convergen Energy’s manufacturing facility

Convergen Energy is based out of Green Bay, Wis. CREDIT CONVERGEN ENERGY

The Iowa Economic Development Authority Board unanimously approved a financial incentive package for Convergen Energy to operate a new manufacturing facility in Fairfax at its Friday meeting. 

The state’s action follows support earlier this week from the Fairfax City Council to ensure the proposed $18.4 million capital investment is located there.

“It’s an exciting day in Fairfax and a big win for our community,” said Mayor of Fairfax Pro Tempore Marianne Wainwright. “We are looking forward to hav(ing) a cutting-edge energy company that supplies an alternative power source to coal looking to expand here.”

Convergen Energy, headquartered in Green Bay, Wis., produces renewable fuel used in a multitude of solid fuel power and steam generation facilities. Convergen Energy takes pre-consumer industrial by-products, which would otherwise be sent to the landfill, and converts them into a substitute for fossil fuels. 

The company plans to add its second manufacturing facility south of the Travero Logistics Park on Lefebure Road, in the Big Cedar Industrial Center. Its proposal commits to at least 23 new full-time jobs, 11 of which are at or above the wage levels Iowa deems high-quality jobs.

“We are excited to expand our operations into Fairfax that will help us better serve our current and future customers,” said Convergen Energy Chief Financial Officer Steven Brooks. “This region provides many assets to our organization, and we are happy to call Fairfax our second home.”