IntelliSee wins top NSCA production innovation award at annual conference

IntelliSee systems integrator partner, Dan Schmidendorf accepts the Product Innovation award at NSCA’s 24th Annual Business and Leadership Conference. CREDIT INTELLISEE

IntelliSee, an AI-powered risk mitigation platform based in Coralville, was named overall winner at the eighth annual Excellence in Product Innovation Awards presented by the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA).

The announcement was made Feb. 23 at NSCA’s 24th Annual Business and Leadership Conference in Irving, Texas.

At the event, seven awards were given to companies that have made advances in commercial technology profoundly impacting systems integrators. Out of more than 50 companies vying for an Excellence in Product Innovation award, a panel of judges selected IntelliSee as the overall winner for its exceptional performance, ease of use and recurring revenue opportunities for systems integrators.

“The entries we received as part of the Excellence in Product Innovation awards this year were truly impressive,” said Mike Abernathy, NSCA director of business resources. “The manufacturers in this industry aren’t backing away from innovation – that was clear in every product we pored over. It’s incredibly exciting to see where technology is headed.”

IntelliSee is a risk mitigation platform that employs deep learning vision AI to identify and respond to threats, from slip and fall hazards to drawn weapons, trespassers and more. The platform integrates into a user’s existing video surveillance, where it autonomously scans for risks, sending instant alerts to designated contacts in the event a threat is detected.

IntelliSee is available through partnering systems integrators across the United States.

“NSCA’s member systems integrators are the best in the business which makes this award even more meaningful,” said IntelliSee Chief Customer Officer Maureen Pajerski.  “We partner with integrators who share a common belief in our mission and are laser focused on bringing both immediate and long term value to end-users.”

IntelliSee’s mission is to make the world safer through smarter surveillance.

“Organizations from all industries rely on video surveillance to keep people safe, but humans are notoriously unreliable when it comes to monitoring surveillance footage,” says IntelliSee CEO Scott Keplinger. “IntelliSee is changing the game by removing human error from the equation. And since its powered by a deep-learning engine, the platform continuously improves the longer it’s in use. We regularly expand the platform to add new risk detection capabilities at no additional cost.”