Dairy farms partnering to meet organic milk demand

Farmers Creamery in Wellman, Marilyn Farms in Kalona and the Kalona Amish and Mennonite dairy farms will officially launch an online fundraising campaign April 9 to help pay for a “custom grazing program” for other local farms. The funds will be used to install additional fencing for the 600 acres of organic pasture owned by Marilyn Farms, which allows partnered farms’ animals to graze in support of the Farmers Creamery’s organic product line.

Representatives of the Kalona-based farms said the program will help other local farmers increase the size of their herds by providing access to fenced, organic grazing pasture, and help Farmers Creamery increase its production of the company’s organic “SuperNatural” product line. By providing fencing at Marilyn Farms, local dairy farmers would be able to graze their non-producing heifers off-site during the growing season.

“This will result in dairymen being able to sustain their small, family farms, while also contributing back to the local community,” Marilyn Farms President Phil Forbes said in a press release. “This is a win-win for all.”

Program organizers will host a launch party for the fundraising campaign April 9 at the Kalona Historical Village at 715 D. Ave. in Kalona.