CR hosting special events during Welcoming Week

Special events will be taking place throughout the week to showcase how Cedar Rapids “Welcomes All to Our Community.”

Welcoming Week begins this Friday as several inclusive events will take place around Cedar Rapids. The nationwide initiative, which runs Sept. 9-18, encourages local support and efforts to engage new Americans and create inclusive and welcoming communities. states, “Through Welcoming Week, organizations and communities bring together immigrants, refugees, and long-time residents to build strong connections and affirm the importance of welcoming and inclusive places in achieving collective prosperity.”

“Welcoming communities are more appealing to workforce as it helps attract and retain talent here in Cedar Rapids,” said Doug Neumann, executive director at the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance. “Immigrants continue to contribute to the rich, multi-cultural tapestry that makes up the United States. Furthermore, according to the SBA, immigrants are 30% more likely to be entrepreneurs than U.S.-born residents. This helps strengthen and diversify our economy. Finally, it’s always a great reminder that the United States was built by immigrants and refugees from all over the world.”

Welcoming Week celebrates all immigrants and residents with international backgrounds who choose to make Cedar Rapids their home.

Here are a few of the local festivities and programming:

  • Thursday, Sept. 8: Fall Career Fair by Corridor Careers
  • Saturday, Sept: 10:Community Cultural Celebration and Expo
  • Saturday, Sept. 10: United We March Forward Open House
  • Wednesday, Sept. 15: Catherine McAuley Center’s Refugee Simulation Event
  • Wednesday, Sept. 15: Global Learning Office at Kirkwood Community College
  • Thursday, Sept. 16: Multicultural Resource Fair
  • Thursday, Sept. 16: National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library’s BrewNost
  • Sunday, Sept. 18: Cedar Rapids Festival Latino 2022
  • Sunday, Sept. 24: AsianFest 2022

More information on Welcoming Week including local immigrant stories, videos and other special events can be found here