CID encourages flyers to arrive early during spring break

Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) officials are asking travelers to arrive at the airport earlier than normal in preparation of a busy spring break travel season.

The week of March 14-18 is designated as spring break for most local schools and universities. CID expect passenger numbers to exceed 2,300 each day for the next few days, according to a March 10 press release.

“With many area schools and all the colleges and universities in the region, we always see an influx of travel, almost equal to — if not more than — Thanksgiving travel,” said Marty Lenss, CID airport director, in a statement.

The busiest day for travel will be Saturday, March 12, when 2,500 passengers are scheduled to depart CID.

In 2020, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and CID opened a third security checkpoint lane to ensure efficiency and low wait times for passengers.

“This will be the first year we will really be able to see how much the third checkpoint lane helps reduce wait times and long lines,” said Mr. Lenss. “I believe passengers will be presently surprised at how fast and efficient getting through checkpoint will be.”

Prairie Bistro will be open in the airport for the first time since closing in 2020 after low passenger volumes during the pandemic.

Parking will be available in the long-term and short-term lots. Additional overflow parking will also be available.