Best Printer (TIE): Cedar Graphics

By Katie Mills Giorgio

For Cedar Graphics, this year’s tie winner for Best Printer in the Corridor, tradition and innovation play equally into the company’s brand.

Take, for example, Cedar Graphics’ unique founding story. The company got its start in 1955 when Charlie Igram attempted to run a print shop in the back of his family’s grocery store. It has since grown to employ 87 people out of its 90,000-square-foot facility in Hiawatha, but maintains its family roots, with Charlie’s son, Hassan Igram, now in charge.

While Cedar Graphics still offers traditional offset printing, which is used for large jobs for customers around the Corridor and beyond, the company also has a complete digital division that focuses on smaller print jobs, defined as anything from one to 3,000 copies. That has required Cedar Graphics to continually invest in the most advanced digital presses on the market, but it has also given it a competitive edge.

“Customers are continually impressed with the quality of our digital printing,” said Justin McDonald, marketing solutions manager.

Cedar Graphics has also made a sizable commitment to being a “green” printer. It is one of a few printers in the state to use UV inks for its offset printing, which reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment.

“These are a lot better for the environment,” said Mr. McDonald. “Our facility doesn’t look or smell like a traditional printing operation.”

Mr. McDonald said the company’s unique technologies and skillsets gives it the opportunity to work with clients looking to “print outside the box.”

“A lot of clients come to us wondering, ‘Is this even possible?’” Mr. McDonald said. “We figure out a way to use the technologies we have to make it possible.”

And while Cedar Graphics is proud to be recognized for its commitment to innovation, employees also work to keep the artistic value of what they do at the forefront of the process.

“We have great press operators who focus on the artistry of printing,” said Mr. McDonald. “And we have great technology so we have to keep a balance. We are always working on figuring out how we can get the most beautiful product in the fastest, most efficient way.”

Being recognized as Best of the Corridor is an honor the team at Cedar Graphics holds in high esteem.

“We win a lot of honors around the world,” Mr. McDonald said, “but there is nothing better than being loved at home.”



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