Best Cleaning/Janitorial Services: Midwest Janitorial Service

10 TIMES ON LIST (Hall of Fame entrant)

Midwest Janitorial Service is celebrating more than its 10th consecutive appearance on the CBJ’s Best of list and its inauguration into our Hall of Fame in the cleaning/janitorial services category – it’s also marking 60 years of doing business in the Corridor.

The Hiawatha-based company offers a full range of services from commercial cleaning and building maintenance to snow removal and facilities management. Over the decades, the family-owned business grew from a single office in Cedar Rapids to eight branches throughout Iowa and Illinois. When the Hotchkiss family purchased Midwest Janitorial in the 1980s, it transformed the once-modest cleaning company into a nationally ranked facility management operation, now employing about 650 people.

“We always depend on our employees – they’re the ones going out there doing good work and trying their best to make us look good,” said Erin Decker, director of human resources and marketing.

Ms. Decker said the company, whose motto is “Our Business is Making Your Business Look Good,” is hoping for more growth so it can spread its passion for cleanliness into new markets.

-Katharine Carlon


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