#7: MobileDemand

139.2% growth

City: Hiawatha

Founded: 2003


4th time on the list


MobileDemand’s growth rate is increasing.

The Hiawatha-based rugged tablet PC producer comes in at No. 4 on the Fastest Growing Companies list this year, with 139 percent growth. That’s more than the 119 percent growth the company experienced when it landed on the 2012 Fastest Growing Companies list. MobileDemand debuted on the list in 2008 at No. 4 with 311.55 percent growth.

Company president Matt Miller attributes the continued increase to “awareness to opportunities,” he stated in an email.

MobileDemand tablets provide companies with durable computers able to withstand harsh environments and survive falls, extreme temperatures and exposure to liquids. Mobile Demand serves industries as varied as the United States military, police and fire departments, warehousing and agriculture.

Founded in 2003, the initial one-man operation has grown to more than 30 employees.

-Gigi Wood