#4: Midwest Microwave Solutions

176.2% growth

City: Hiawatha

Founded: 2005


2nd time on the list



It’s all about supply and demand.

Midwest Microwave Solutions debuted on the Fastest Growing Companies list at No. 1 last year. The company produces highly-sophisticated radios for the government and large corporations. Those receiver products give customers the capability of gathering intelligence about signals that are present in the airwaves.

Since its start in 2005, the company has grown from two employees to more than 16 and is so busy, it has to turn down orders for new designs from customers.

“Customers are kind of forcing us in that direction (increased growth); we don’t have a choice,” said Steve Wilson, Midwest Microwave Solution’s vice president. “We kind of got in a situation where we’re selling products and it’s kind of forcing us to grow.”

Six years ago, Midwest Microwave developed a specific receiver that was the first of its kind able to process and convert radio signals to bits and stream the data on computers at a very high data rate, higher than anyone was able to do before.

-Gigi Wood