# 4 Medium Company: Geonetric

No. 4 Medium Company
4211 Glass Road NE, Ste. A, Cedar Rapids

Geonetric is a Cedar Rapids-based company that provides website, intranet and online services for the healthcare industry.

The company’s content management software is the basis of websites for more than 500 hospitals, physician groups and clinics nationally. Geonetric also provides online services, from web strategy and design, to content development and responsive-marketing campaigns, to online support and hosting.

Heather Stanley, the company’s spokesperson, said Geonetric is a cool company to work for because,

“We work in an agile environment, meaning we obliterated the organization chart,” she stated in an email, “There are no managers here. Everyone is on a self-organizing team and reports to that team. Each team meets daily, prioritizes work and works only on the tasks that bring the most value to the company. Without managers, everyone is accountable to each other. It’s a very collaborative and transparent culture.”

Geonetric hires smart, creative people and promotes employee feedback.

“We make popcorn each week,” she stated. “We throw ice cream parties when a new project is sold. We offer chair massages to relieve stress. We hold events; group Thanksgiving dinners and Halloween parties for the kids. We offer flexible work schedules to help employees balance family with work. We offer sabbaticals. And we offer free soda and snacks.”

Employees listed other reasons why Geonetric is a cool place to work in the surveys,

“Free pop and coffee, free fruit, granola and cereal every day. On days the weather is bad and it’s difficult to get into office the CEO personally makes pancakes for those who can make it into the office.”

Another employee said,

“Every two years, we are offered a sabbatical option where we are allowed to take extra vacation. It’s a nice perk for being a loyal employee. Also, the work from home options is a nice perk.”

Geonetric has a position opening for a front-end developer.
-Gigi Wood