#22: Centro

64.4% growth

City: North Liberty

Founded: 1970


1st time on the list


Building prosperous relationships between businesses and focusing on a quality product is what has moved Centro Inc. forward.

Centro creates a wide variety of products for a virtually unlimited amount of industries, and this year Centro has grown more than 64 percent, making them one of the Corridor’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Centro, based out of North Liberty, is the largest custom rotational molder in North America. Rotational molding is a plastic process, which can yield a number of different products. Commonly, however, Centro produces different types of tanks, for fuel, hydraulic fluid and other liquids. These tanks are often used in the agriculture, lawn and garden or construction industries, to name a few.

According to Lisa McCool, Centro’s director of sales, there are several explanations for Centro’s recent growth.

“We’ve developed long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers,” she said. “We have a culture at Centro that fosters development and our associates feel ownership of our success. We have also been strategic in our preparation for new governmental regulations that impact our customer base.”

Fostering these mutually beneficial relationships is a large focus for Centro and an important factor contributing to their success. These relationships are often with industry-leading original equipment manufacturing, or OEM companies. These OEM companies create a product, which is purchased by another company and later sold under the purchasing company’s name.

“Centro’s growth is the result of innovative engineering services, world-class customer service and a strong focus on quality manufacturing,” Ms. McCool said. “This expertise and our ability to provide solutions when needed has helped us grow to record sales annually.”

– Conrad Swanson