#19: Coffeesmiths

75.5% growth

City: Marion

Founded: 2004


1st time on the list


In this modern society people and businesses are moving as quick as they can, but nothing gets done until everyone has had their morning coffee.

Coffeesmiths is a company with locations in Cedar Rapids and Marion that has, since 2004, provided the Corridor with their morning caffeine boost.

Recent prosperity within the three Coffeesmiths locations has placed them among the Corridor’s Fastest Growing Companies, and is a testament to the Corridor’s increasing thirst for capable, local businesses.

Offering high-quality espresso beverages, pastries and light lunches, Coffeesmiths has become a destination.

“Whether you need a quiet break for yourself, a pleasant place to meet with friends or to conduct a meeting, Coffeesmiths provides you with a delicious tradition of comfort and excellence,” said Julie Lammers, Coffeesmiths co-owner.

According to Ms. Lammers, the 75 percent growth Coffeesmiths has seen this year can be attributed to an attention to detail and customer service little seen in this day and age.

“We’ve had strong sales at our C Avenue café and our Marion drive-thru over the last three years,” she said. “As well as the addition of the new Edgewood Road location in the late spring of 2011.”

During 2012, Coffeesmiths saw an increase in sales at their Edgewood Road café, meeting their financial forecasts for the new location. At the same time, sales at the other two Coffeesmiths locations surpassed projections.

“We believe in the potential of the Edgewood Road location, even though others were doubtful due to the woes of the Westdale Mall,” Ms. Lammers said.

Ms. Lammers predicts even more growth for Coffeesmiths due to a healthy economy and outlook for a metropolitan area.

“We believe our attention to trends in the industry, customer-focused service and high-quality products all contribute to our growth in sales,” she said.

Ms. Lammers expressed her satisfaction at the opening of the Edgewood Road location and the future for Coffeesmiths.

“We’re happy we built it,” Ms. Lammers said. “And we believe there are more good things to come in that area.”

– Conrad Swanson