#11: Circle Computer Resources

95.2% growth

City: Cedar Rapids

Founded: 1986


2nd time on the list


This is the second year in a row Circle Computer has made the Fastest Growing Companies list.

The company continues to grow and expects more in the future.

Circle Computer Resources provides business-focused IT infrastructure services that improve operations and manage risk for companies. When it was named to the Fastest Growing Companies list last year, it had 70.6 percent growth. This time, it is at 95.2 percent growth. That isn’t year-over-year growth; the increase illustrates the company’s growth during a three-year period. Regardless, it is no easy task to reach and maintain those kinds of increases.

“When your team is constantly looking for ways to service our clients and to do it in (customers’) best interests, for one, (customers) will do business with you. Secondly, they’ll keep doing business with you. Thirdly, they’ll actually do more business with you,” said Shea Kelly, the company’s president and CEO. “It’s no one thing. It’s us constantly improving, constantly looking to provide the best service. It’s a persistent effort.”

The company often serves as a client’s IT department, provides Internet connections to businesses nationwide and is working on cloud computing projects. Circle Computer sold a business unit last year, allowing the company to better focus on its strengths.

“Staying more focused has allowed us to grow our current clients and get new clients that are within what we do best,” he said.

-Gigi Wood