Wilson’s Orchard & Farm launches health-focused energy seltzer

Wilson’s Orchard & Farm in Iowa City is launching a new line of locally crafted, non-alcoholic energy seltzers.

This week, Wilson’s Orchard & Farm in Iowa City is launching a new line of locally crafted, non-alcoholic energy seltzers, all under 100 calories.  

Beverage Production Manager Greg Ruth says production is wrapping up this week on Wilson’s Energy and has begun to make its way to commercial shelves. The new product line will feature four variants, all containing the recommended daily dose of Wilson’s apple cider vinegar. Three are sweetened with local honey: Yuzu Mango, Peach Ginger, and Grapefruit. Cucumber Lime is unsweetened and vegan-friendly.

Each can of Wilson’s Energy Seltzer boasts the added benefit of health-boosting probiotics from apple cider vinegar, as well as sustained, all-day energy without the crash or jitters that are prevalent in many other brands. With the noble bee as the company’s sigil, sourcing local honey made by the same bees that pollinate the orchard was a no-brainer. 

“Bees play an immensely important role on our farm,” Mr. Ruth stated in a release. “We interact with these pollinators everyday and depend on them to help us grow our apple crop. Our commercial orchard is less than 100 feet away from our beverage production facility, and when the orchard is in bloom, like it is now, they are like an additional member to our crew.”

Shortly before the company’s rebrand in 2020, Wilson’s set out to craft a bubbly alternative to national offerings — leaving out unnecessary and unnatural ingredients, in favor of raw local ingredients. After over a year of research and development, the drinks are now available in single-serve packaging at the Wilson’s Farm Market in Iowa City and, soon, in retail locations throughout Iowa.  

“My parents and their parents drank a shot of apple cider vinegar everyday,” Paul Rasch, owner of Wilson’s Orchard & Farm, stated in a release. “Creating an ACV-based product has been a goal of mine since the start, but we knew that the taste was going to be somewhat of a barrier. I’m really impressed with what Greg has blended up.”