Usage of Workgroups DaVinci products hits milestone

Workgroups DaVinci, an Iowa City-based company providing workflow and project management solutions for creative and marketing teams, has seen a dramatic uptick in usage.

Over the past month, the company’s customers have generated over 1.5 million email and in-app project notifications related to feedback requests, task assignments and project status changes, among other updates – a 400% increase in activity compared to the same period last year, according to a news release.

With splitting time between working from home and being in-office likely to become the new normal, company officials say Workgroups DaVinci is poised to respond to the growth in hybrid work arrangements. Later this year, the company will roll out a configurable workflow creation engine and process mapper, giving customers industry-leading flexibility and control in building out and managing their workflows and processes, regardless of their work environment.

“Whether teams have been fully remote, in the office or working hybrid, we know that the last year has really put everyone’s collaboration skills to the test,” Workgroups DaVinci CEO Todd Skogan said. “We’re thrilled that our customers have quadrupled their use of our platforms and rely on our solutions to support their collaboration and stay productive and connected.”

As an example, essential oil manufacturer Guru Nanda’s sales and marketing team adopted Workgroups DaVinci just as many states across the country went into lockdown last year, and the product quickly became an indispensable part of their creative project management and production process.

“It’s made us more productive because we’re spending less time figuring out where something is,” Guru Nanda officials said. “With the advent of everything being on video calls, we can pull a project up and we can share the screen; it’s just quick and easy. It’s faster than if we were all in the office together and that’s awesome.”

Workgroups DaVinci has built solutions to support the work of creative and marketing teams globally, across many industries, for the past 20 years. The company’s solutions cover the full production lifecycle from kick-off to final approvals, equipping customers with project management, workflow and proofing tools to bring products to market with more efficiency and higher ROI.

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