Unemployment claims continue to decrease in Iowa

Iowa jobless rate


By CBJ News Staff

Iowa Workforce Development reported the number of initial unemployment claims filed between July 26-Aug. 1 was 6,765. There were 6,129 initial claims by individuals who work and live in Iowa, and 636 claims by individuals who work in Iowa and live in another state.

The number of continuing weekly unemployment claims last week was 104,970, a decrease of 5,072 from the previous week. The U.S. Department of Labor adjusted last week’s initial claim number down to 6,970 (a decrease of 471) and continuing claims to 110,042 (a decrease of 918 for a total decrease of 1,389).

Unemployment insurance benefit payments totaled $29,938,690.42 for the week of July 26 – Aug. 1. The following industries had the most claims:

• Manufacturing (1,429)
• Industry Not Available – Self-employed, Independent Contractors, etc. (981)
• Health Care & Social Assistance (648)
• Retail (458)
• Education Services (407)

A total of $78,571,800 in Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) benefits was paid last week. A total of $4,772,777 was paid in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits during the week of July 26-Aug. 1. CBJ