Surgery Center Cedar Rapids announces use of robotic tech for knee and hip replacements

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Omar Akhtar poses with the surgery team at Surgery Center Cedar Rapids. CREDIT SURGERY CENTER CEDAR RAPIDS

Surgery Center Cedar Rapids will now be one of the few outpatient centers in the state to offer a robotic treatment option for same-day total knee and hip replacement surgeries. 

The robotic technology, Mako SmartRobotics, is available to individuals suffering from painful osteoarthritis, or degeneration of the knee or hip joints. As stated in a press release from Surgery Center Cedar Rapids, the tech assists surgeons to “know more and cut less.”

It will also afford patients a less painful and quicker recovery period by enhancing overall surgical precision, and letting doctors modify surgical plans while operating. 

As quoted in the release, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Omar Akhtar said Mako SmartRobotics transforms the way joint replacement surgeries are performed. 

“By allowing us to create a personalized pre-operative plan using a CT-derived 3D model of each patient’s unique anatomy, we can execute surgeries with unprecedented accuracy,” Dr. Akhtar said in the release. “This technology assists surgeons and enhances our capabilities, ensuring optimal implant size, orientation, and alignment which are critical for the longevity of the joint implants and the overall success of the surgery.”

Those experiencing hip and knee pain are encouraged to consult an orthopedic surgeon and ask about the Orthopedic Surgical Program at Surgery Center Cedar Rapids.