Pearson launches Pearson+ textbook subscription app

Pearson office in Cedar Rapids. CREDIT ACME ELECTRIC
Pearson's offices in southwest Cedar Rapids. CREDIT ACME ELECTRIC

Pearson has announced the launch of Pearson+, a new college learning app expected to fundamentally change the way students access and experience college textbooks.

In a news release, Pearson says Pearson+ provides “a high-quality user experience combined with straightforward buying options that give students the most flexible and budget friendly way to access e-books and study tools.”

Pearson+ provides students with a range of learning tools and affordable pricing. Starting with Pearson’s library of more than 1500 eTexts, Pearson+ provides a learning experience that looks and feels like the content experiences that students are used to. Pearson+ is the first eText offering that provides a monthly, pay-as-you-go option-just like many consumer content subscriptions.

Two pricing options are available: Single tier, at $9.99 per month for one Pearson eText, and Multi Tier, at $14.99 per month for access to the full Pearson eTexts library.

“Students are clear that they prefer the convenience and affordability of digital learning tools like Pearson+,” said Andy Bird, Pearson CEO. “With Pearson+ we are reimagining the learning experience for students and building direct relationships with them, which will allow us to continue to enhance the product with features they need and want. We want students to spend less time worrying about purchasing their books and more time enjoying their college experience.”

Pearson+ is available through both desktop and mobile apps, includes audio versions of eTexts, and provides notetaking capabilities with enhanced search features. In addition, the platform’s carbon footprint is just 20% of a traditional print textbook, company officials said.

An estimated 10 million students already access higher education products each year from Pearson, with continued growth of digital usage expected with Pearson+. While 70% of Pearson’s higher education revenue already comes from digital products, officials say Pearson+ will help recapture additional sales lost to the secondary textbook market and reset the economics of the company’s higher education business. The company plans to release more Pearson+ features and content in the future.

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