No. 6 Small Company: Rausch Productions

By Jeff Holmes

For Heidi Tyner of Rausch Productions, it’s all about opportunities.

The Cedar Rapids-based company founded in 1995, travels the nation providing both video and live event coverage. And she feels this is a big reason why Rausch Productions landed on the Corridor Business Journal’s 2014 Coolest Places to Work list.

“It’s great,” said Ms. Tyner, Rausch’s marketing and communications specialist. “Our industry and our company have awesome opportunities and it’s such a great place to be.”

“You want to come in to work every day,” she added. “Especially when you know how much you are appreciated and valued by everyone.”

The office perks range from free breakfast and snacks and celebratory lunches to cool equipment and continuing education.

“We are free to utilize all of our inventory for our personal needs when it fits with the schedule, which includes camera, LED walls, projectors, televisions. We have breakfast, snacks, beverages, all free to us every morning. We receive an ‘education stipend’ every year to further us professionally in any way we choose to spend it. We have the opportunity to use any and all of our creative ideas on our events with our clients. Each person celebrates their birthday at a restaurant of their choice with the entire company,” were just a few benefits an employee listed in the nomination form.

The company’s leadership also sets a good example for the employees.

“Working at Rausch Productions is pretty darn cool. It’s a blast to be surrounded by guys who are willing and able to fix everything from the toilet to technology. The leadership at Rausch is committed to customers’ care, but also employee satisfaction,” another employee stated. “The benefits are generous and there is enough flexibility to take care of ourselves, our homes and our other responsibilities outside of work. One a more frivolous note, Rausch provides us with breakfast every morning, so we start each day around the kitchen table together. I like these people, this office and what we stand for here.”