No. 4 Small Company: EarthView Environmental

By Angela Holmes

The natural surroundings, as well as talented coworkers and flexible schedules, make EarthView Environmental a cool place to work.

EarthView Environmental, Inc. (EVE) in Coralville is a natural resource consulting firm that includes a staff of wetland professionals, geologists, geographers/GIS analysts, environmental scientists, hydrologists, biologists and geoarchaeologists/archaeologists.

“In this consulting firm, we are not tied down to monotonous throughput jobs where every task is the same task you’ve completed a hundred times. Instead, we are constantly solving problems, working together to find innovative solutions, and working with an array of private and governmental professionals that both excel at and enjoy what they do,” senior environmental scientist Chant Eicke stated in an email. “These things provide for a stimulating atmosphere punctuated with productive debate and solutions we can all stand behind. This is incredibly satisfying.”

EVE provides expertise in land use and natural resources planning such as environmental clearance/permitting, wetland services, threatened and endangered species surveys, stream bank restoration, hydrology studies, sustainable development opportunities, stormwater best management practices, watershed studies and geoarchaeological and geomorphological services.

“Everyone who works here has a different background, skill set and unique contribution to the company,” Mr. Eicke stated. “The incredibly diverse staff makes for a dynamic and self-driven environment where you know you are counted on for your expertise; this is the kind of workplace where the stress you have is not the stress of frustration, but the good stress of knowing you’re fellow employees and clients are counting on you.”

The ability to work independently and within a team also makes EarthView a desirable place to work.

“Flexibility in nearly all aspects of employment, including work schedule, areas of professional focus, areas of continuing education or professional development and exploring of potential business avenues or ventures within the framework of EarthView, utilizing the tools that the company has available,” were listed by an employee as reasons the company is a cool place to work. “Good conversation, good coffee and great mascots (employees’ dogs that come to work with them) make for a lively and energizing atmosphere.”