No. 1 Small Company: Hawkins Wealth Management

By Gigi Wood

It’s definitely one of the coolest places when most days don’t feel like work.

At Hawkins Wealth Management, employees are set up to succeed, have great communication and love what they do, according to Abby Johnson, the company’s director of client services.

Hawkins Wealth Management, which offers financial, retirement, insurance and estate planning, provides its employees with a break room and kitchen that are “always loaded with snacks,” as well as flexible schedules, volunteer programs and continuing education assistance.

But it’s more than the perks that make Hawkins one of the Corridor’s Coolest Places to Work, she said.

“Our energy is unmatched,” Ms. Johnson stated in an email. “Everyone really buys into the culture and loves what they do, which makes it such a fun place to be.”

Employee retention is important to the company and once hired, they want to stay, she added. Hawkins Wealth employs nine people.

“I think because the hiring process is so thorough and strategic,” Ms. Johnson stated. “People are set up to succeed from day one and put in positions they understand and actually enjoy. The communication is exceptional among the staff and everyone is everyone else’s biggest cheerleader.”

While employees enjoy collaborating, they take their work seriously, she said.

“Everyone works very hard but most days it doesn’t feel like ‘work,’” Ms. Johnson stated. “Everyone in our office truly loves what they do, which makes it such a positive place to be.”

According to one employee who recently joined the company:

“The sense of team and camaraderie never ceases to amaze me. In that short time, each and every one of my coworkers has made me feel so comfortable and like I am an integral part of the team. I truly feel encouraged and inspired each day I come to work. There is no shortage of appreciation shown from our boss/owner either – whether it is lunch for the office or margarita Friday, there are always laughs to be had after a long work day/week. Not to mention, benefits are great and scheduling is flexible if needed.”

The company is considering adding a pizza oven and implementing shorter summer work hours to further improve its culture.