Iowa DOT’s spring innovation research cycle now open

Applications are now being accepted for the Iowa Department of Transportation’s spring research cycle.

The Iowa DOT research department’s goal is to drive a program that delivers targeted solutions for Iowa’s transportation future. Areas of focus include safety, mobility, accessibility, technology and sustainability of economic, social and environmental progress.

Assistance is available for anyone who wants to get involved in the DOT’s research, already have an approved project in the works, or simply want to learn more about our team.

Iowa’s transportation innovations are possible with oversight and technical and financial support from a variety of sources, including the Iowa Highway Research Board, the State Planning & Research Program and the State Transportation Innovation Council.

The start of the new research cycle is the best time to submit, since ideas will spend more time in the discussion and evaluation phase. With more feedback and engagement, ideas become better and more likely to be selected for further development.

Even if you don’t have a submission of your own, you can still help others improve their ideas by voting or adding your comments. Feedback is a critical part of helping every idea succeed, and comments and suggestions for ideas submitted during the spring cycle will be accepted until July 25.

To submit an idea or comment on others’ ideas, go to the Iowa DOT’s research site.