Iowa City parking rates double next week

Parking ramp in Iowa City.

Starting next week, Iowa City will see its first parking rate hike in 11 years, following the city council’s approval at its May 21 meeting.

“This increase comes as maintenance costs for parking facilities have seen a significant increase over 11 years. Current revenue from parking fees covers only 22% of the Parking Division’s budget,” a news release from the city said.

The change will impact street parking, parking ramp fees and parking tickets, nearly doubling the previous amounts. Ramp parking will now be $2 an hour, up from $1; metered street parking in the central business district will increase to $3 an hour, up from $1.50, and will be $1.50 up from $.75 or $1.00 in the outlying areas.

First-hour free parking in ramps will continue and will be extended to the Chauncey Swan and Harrison Street ramps, which previously did not offer this discount.

Tickets for expired meters vary, according to number of offenses:

  • First offense: warning
  • Second: $10, up from $7
  • Third: $15, up from $12
  • Fourth: $20, up from $15
  • Fifth: $30, up from $20
  • Sixth or more: $40, up from $25

Parking in commercial loading zone:

  • First offense: $25, stays the same
  • Each additional offense per year: $40.

Unauthorized parking in accessible parking spaces will be $200, matching State law.

The cost for parking permits will remain the same, the city stated, and the rates go into effect July 1.

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