Introducing ‘Real Success,’ the podcast

By Nate Kaeding

When I retired from the NFL in 2013, after a nine-year career as a professional athlete, I set out to discover a new purpose in my professional life.

I knew I needed to retool if I was going to be successful in ​the next chapter of my professional story. As part of this process, I ​set out ​to “interview” two successful people per week for six months. I called it my “Real Success​”​ project. I had no clue what I wanted to do next and I wanted to ​learn from a diverse group of successful professionals about their journey.

Over the course of 2018, I sat down with high-profile leaders from around the Corridor as part of a new print and video series with the Corridor Business Journal, called “Real Success,” and asked them to share stories and dispense some wisdom. The collective advice I gathered through that process has​ helped me immensely.

This year, we’re transforming “Real Success” into a podcast, as a better way to capture my conversations. Each month, we’ll share a new conversation with a local “doer,” timed perfectly for a drive from Iowa City to Cedar Rapids (or vice versa). Check out our first podcast with Pat McGrath, president of McGrath Automotive Group, here or on Spotify.

Our hope is that you’ll learn something new about these notable leaders and that the conversations will perhaps play some small part in helping you further define what real success means to you.