Diversity Straight Up Podcast: Striving for inclusion in Iowa banking

Diversity Straight Up podcast

On this episode of Diversity Straight Up, hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington, talk to James Klein, president of Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust. Mr. Klein recently became one of the the first leaders in the state of Iowa to earn their Certified Diversity Professional credential within the banking industry. The Certified Diversity Professional credential (CDP) is a professional qualification credential that is designed to enhance cultural competency and help an organization enrich its approach to inclusion. In this episode, Mr. Klein speaks about his experience in becoming certified. Listen below or subscribe to the show at SoundCloud, iTunesSpotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher, or catch the new video podcast at the CBJ’s YouTube channel.


Diversity Straight Up is sponsored by Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, ACT and Alliant Energy.

About the hosts:

Sarika Bhakta, CDE, is the President of Nikeya Diversity Consulting and was born in Gujarat, India. As a coach, speaker, trainer, consultant, and author, she empowers people/organizations to leverage diversity as an asset via equity, inclusion, and engagement solutions to transform culture. She has over 25 years of experience supporting global industries, executives, and workforce populations to increase their cultural competency. She also co-authored “Power Up, Super Women”.

Anthony Arrington, CDE, CDF is cofounder and managing partner with Top RANK, a professional/executive search & diversity consulting firm.  He is a Certified Diversity Executive and Certified Diversity Facilitator with over 25 years of leadership, training, and consulting experience across multiple industries. Anthony helps organizations uncover root issues and transform mindsets around the value of DEI&B.