Cedar Rapids-based Health Solutions joins health provider group

Health Solutions (HSI) in Cedar Rapids is joining forces with Corporate Health Partners (CHP) out of Kennesaw, Georgia, to form Engagement Health Group (EHG).

The group will work to manage clinical health issues ranging from “chronic disease to the most complicated, expensive cases,” according to a press release. The organization will offer individualized behavioral health coaching and clinically-based guidance backed by data.

“We are committed to aligning the right resources, to the right people, at the right time,” says Jennifer Musick, president of HSI since 2004 and current president of EHG. “We have proven that our model quickly and effectively closes gaps in care, especially with costly chronic disease.”

EHG will begin benefitting from expanded services in the first quarter of 2023, with no interruption in service delivery to current clients.

“Our new offering will also help those members who are essentially ‘train wrecks’ who feel like they have run off the tracks of the healthcare system and are losing hope,” Jack Curtis, co-founder of CHP and the CEO of EHG. “This segment is roughly 5% of an employer’s people and … are likely driving 50% of the health plan costs. Employers simply cannot afford to neglect the suffering and costs of this segment of their people.”

HSI said they’ve been “working behind the scenes for months” on the new venture, according to their Facebook page.

The Cedar Rapids company was founded in 2004, growing into a Fortune 500 organization with locations in 28 states.