# 7 Small Company: Vortex Business Solutions

Vortex Business Solutions
No. 7 Small Company
44 High Circle Dr. NE, Iowa City

The team at Vortex Business Solutions is small, but tight-knit.

Vortex is in Iowa City, has 14 employees and was founded in 1996.

The company’s primary focus is to bring more business to other businesses by developing client websites, applying the principals of business, advertising, marketing and IT. Vortex integrates social media marketing, search engine optimization, webinar production, commercial photographic and video services.

“The coolest thing about working at Vortex is that as much as we converse about business, we also converse about life, love, happiness and inner peace and then begin to see how these are related on a deeper level,” CEO Jonathan. Sabin stated in an email. “Each team member brings their unique set of skills to the workplace, and then when added up, we’re a well-rounded and genuine company.”

Those close relationships allow for increased productivity and team work.

“I can very honestly say that I have never worked with such wonderful, upbeat, positive and caring individuals. We all have pretty different positions, however, it’s really special to be able to see how those different positions come together for a common goal,” an employee wrote in their survey.

Vortex is hiring, Mr. Sabin noted. The company is looking for people with social media marketing experience.

“Overall, Vortex is all about working smart, being organized and efficient, as well as being kind-hearted, charismatic and truly genuine,” Mr. Sabin said.

It’s important to create a family/team atmosphere that rewards success and relies on constant improvement, he added.

“Hire individuals based on who they are and who they aspire to be,” he said. “Create a culture of upliftment, personal and professional growth, joy and devotion to doing one’s best.”

The company is set on increasing focus on enterprise-level companies, while increasing revenue and service.

“The office is very relaxed and any personal comforts are encouraged. Plus, there is always free tea. The office is a very focused environment complimented by moments of deep discussion of just about anything. I have about one good belly laugh a day when I work there,” one employee said in their survey.
-Pat Shaver