# 4 Small Company: ConnectFive

No. 4 Small Company
1210 Highway 6 W., Ste. 400, Iowa City

Employees at ConnectFive aim to improve user experience, all while working together to improve their own work experience.

ConnectFive, located at 1210 Highway 6 W., Ste. 400, in Iowa City, will work with companies to help improve their websites, mobile apps, e-commerce sites and have even done work on digital dashboards in vehicles.

They apply research to the design in order to make the overall experience better for the user, which improves the company’s return on investment. The company strives to create a dynamic culture of creativity and critical thinking.

ConnectFive, which was founded in 2006 by Sean McKay, has experienced 620 percent growth during the past three years.

“We have a fun, bright, energetic and incredibly positive team that is passionate about good design. Our culture encourages creativity. We balance fun (“The Bad Joke Jar,” Beer Fridays, Doughnut Wednesdays) with professionalism and hard work to ensure our clients achieve their goals,” stated Jeff Nock, ConnectFive business development, in an email interview.

The company combines user experience with strategy, design, usability and metrics — ConnectFive’s five pillars.

“ConnectFive is growing and actively seeking new team members. We plan to maintain and evolve our cool culture and need new talented team members to help us achieve our growth and diversification plans,” Mr. Nock stated. “Be true to yourselves. Customers can tell if you like doing what you do and will be inspired if they see you are passionate about your work.”

The company has 10 employees and is continuing to grow.

“We are located next to running trails and the owner had a shower and lockers installed in basement so we can go for runs or bike rides before work, at lunch, or after work,” an employee stated in a survey.

Mr. McKay started ConnectFive in Iowa City. He had been performing design and user experience-based consulting and landed a huge project. That led him to start the company.

“The culture is one of the best benefits of working for ConnectFive. We learn from each other and have fun together while truly working hard towards getting our goals accomplished,” another employee stated.
-Pat Shaver